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Jul 23, 2012 11:00pm PDT
holmes. you found something that might be significant. >> jon: ooh! that's george stephanopoulos anchoring the coverage, throwing to his colleague brian ross who found something... i believe george stephanopoulos used the phrase "that might be significant." go! >> there's a jim holmes in the aurora tea party site talking about him joining the tea party last year. we don't know if this is the same jim holmes, but it's a jim holmes of roerz, colorado. (audience reacts) >> jon: obviously correct response to that statement is brian, i thought you said you had something significant! (laughter) not "hey, george, let me interrupt you, i put the name james holmes into my search engine and hit the "i'm feeling lazy button." (laughter and applause) of course stephanopoulos is in the middle... stephanopoulos is in the middle of doing a lot of things and i'm assuming he was under the impression that brian ross checked out this (bleep) he's saying on air before saying it. because brian ross is the chief investigative correspondent and not, let's say, the office gossip. (laughter) yeah, jim hu
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)